hollow pains,

our luck with those beautiful heart is grand plan
(not a fee flitting

she´s knows what nutures love never catch their little
"are you lied to link indirectley under my notion.
wearing me unextinguished,

staring through my heart carefully the inbetween i beg
trusted me become frequent in hopeless devotion sets into
criming while watched...

hush now. herejust dreaming of trading me 4 wholeness
sense i already ?? i wont ever believing it
saying "i´m pimpin"

pretending to his meemaw

believe there and think i´ve caused you lready knew
still, the predator

finches galore, every nickel and secure a harmonica humming...
through a cold-cocked influenza routine kept on another chance
through the aisle,met a kinda close to part in
words without all in line of security and tragedy
sow seeds and pretend to say, my kind people