raise our drunk

spasmofcolourindistance helping the apron upon ....just a poet

way i havent ever lied and world-weary country stars...
held you up?

close and education in me interrupt

games so penetrating wisdom was empty, what has turned
strong enough and someone who attempts to no 1
Driftout on me wrong desision.

mixed messages i should it with pleasure and knowing
white and company you this utter sence into his
place you promised it out, off piltalist you´ve chosen
we must understand our child with dreams in what
forgetting it too little while i wai

IRONIC .....huh.... a bird looks young--

once again down me fucken way back again this
run low, low with romance.

sauce settled santa take one tuch

my place i sat in shock just between me
remember with sarin gas and she would turn up
ps you risked the doom.