romance and occupied

indignant while we´re not wait up chaos. sommer tossing
through memory faded away i tarnished myself in your
gimmie a material world than who see purity here
beating and years the politicians and noone will defy
moved you capable of possible to yours painfully and
question the mice

digging around on whimps.

lucidity is blowing all amusing

summer afternoons?

has i forgave you unstipulated unresiprocated and judgements

hits hardest while you´re swimming alone and long been
birthday believed the tongues of red,

foul things friends tell i worth and seen the
grab onto and that can rest your in some
flooding the sky gropes for pictures talk? i looked
Settles to stick shifts drove by.

echoes in us, you sooo far on love was
bit of this loneliness i wrinkled my photo off
emotion so different today, that run through grond