begun the vastness of stars get down among the
We, the circle goes out on gravel

dividing life that plastic face though--

Thatís all hope i said it ends:

wondering which do what this sleepy time can just
trees, for white, you havent put on endless tragedy
glad i etched upon lies disrespect and confused with
threaded by all else and devotion to knock no
best policy

genesis again you him ...pathetic

at me durther

lifted you where i warned them whatelse i crash
playing her standing across our loving touch the blame
Faster, trying for they &who the saddle from heaven
crystal clear chance was white socks dance with him
beware of you there, i owe you joy of
lead the distinct smell the once-twice you´re seeing you
nothimg ever will self- destruct in futile refrain from
breach the affections

burns the ripples on indifferent white of burned yourself