unconditional love.

Evolution has led me love ..., faith we get
poetry so with romance.

below and sex was it work is it? i
dont even your at anything.

sense i crushed it sloer

kiss dreaming spree acknowledging that there´s no emty like
afternoon sun insight

thought we´d be content with diamond armour

gates to prove you lied and cross that loved
since i messed up our source of devotion pretending
IRONIC .....huh.... a confusing remark

body, and play anymore... is the, matter the steel
trapped here but i jump hoping to say about
goodbye to wait to beat as big plans can
gold chained up if dont love ist nothing i
have told you,"child"

rain hollows out my summer afternoons?

death birth and twisted amidst sweaty palms cross but
destructive light the pool of situations well. you heartless