by anonymous

itís so abstract...
thunder rattles then jumps its tracks
punished for truth
let me shelter here
without senses into the cold wind warm
Swept away in a mind's eye
I stoke the fire and watch it grow
Flames dancing around my mortal soul
a breath of quiteness
to lose ourselves in the cover of dark
away from the real in a world of make believe
where there's nothing to lose , nothing to grieve
I guess you figured by now
Time has no meaning anymore in this world
So fast it runs that everyone's left behind
Here I am too vulnerable to speak
we are sorely afraid
I can't force you to lend me your mind.
it is just blended in
because the familiar often distorts
and i want to believe you are immortal
broken when I wake
In this fleeting universe
Maybe it would be easier

Written March 25, 2008, 3:38 pm
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