Barrier of Black and White
by Briar Hill

a barrier of black and white
who's wrong? who is right?
blaming one person for the color of skin
no one moves forward no prize to win
one loves to point a finger to blame
much has been lost and nothing has been gained
living in the past will have no future
our blood bleeds red for every man that lives
to succeed in this life learn how to give
we have the power to stop all of the hate
move outside the box let's eliminate the crate
you can only blame yourself for all of your actions
focus all your strength to accomplish your dreams without distractions
the worth of a man lies within his soul
without love and compassion there's only a black hole
it consumes you like a cancer takes control of your mind
to move forward you won't because you got left behind

Written September 3, 2008, 5:18 pm
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