All I feel is Numb
by Alena Beran

you love me
You hate me
the circle goes 'round
apologies, apologies
sorry, sorry, sorry
That is what you are for making me feel like this.
My heart is so empty.
aching, yearning
I need happiness.
You say I didn't give you a chance.
but just how many do you need?
How long would I have wait for you to fill my heart?
Not with empty promises, but with love.
I'm so tired,
tired of all the fighting.
I'm tired of the resentment,
of all the anger, and the bulls..t
I deserve happiness too,
I deserve to recieve love.
I want to feel loved.
When I reached out to another,my heart was so numb.
A big void was there, and you did not try to fill it.
I told you over and over to work on your anger.
To not push me away like that but you never cared.
You never wanted to show me love like I needed it.
How can we possibly mend a broken bridge?
It is fallen through and we have tread on it.
only to hurt each other.
I don't know what to do but I still love you despite all this.
I love the part of you that shows love back.
You quit showing me this side of you,
and all I feel is numb.

Written April 19, 2009, 6:52 pm
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