Involuntary intimacy
by dawn locicero

techno babble all around
your words only Echo in this chaos how do you exspect me to hear the sound
in a handful of moments
i hear you and believe everything you say you want with me ,what you want for us
Involuntary intimacy
i didn't know what to say
buti know what i should do RUN do you even care about me truely asking me such things friends dont hurt other friends to be a "woman conisuer"
sometimes i want to cry
but i refuse to cry for a man in front of that man
couldn't you tell i was in pain,,
your efforts gain meaning only incidentally
as your words mean nothing when your actons continue to show me you just need me as a back up
flustered words i speak to fast
gazing into thoughts
i miss you more than words can say
and yet you are like right in front of me, im affraid to look into your eyes , im affraid of believing your promises and mostly that i will fall for you as you move on to another
i have no trust left i barely have the compassity to hope for someone who truely wants me for who i am not for how i make them feel about themselves
my faith in this place is damaged yet i hold my breath for someone possibly that someone is you but you would feel the same about me right you wouldnt be so easily sidettracked
you started it with your smile
Everytime i wish...
for something i get dissappointed
to wait another day
would just make it easier on you & therefore nonshalantly it has become easier to hurt me then to let her go
I HAVE NOW ELABERATED ENOUGH you knoe how i feel . be good i hope i see yiu soon

Written November 22, 2009, 5:41 am
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