Man in Deed rev. 2
by anonymous

Lip read, a mountain stream i was lost in a starbeam
found you in a cheerless little town
Once seen my libertine undresses in the dark
you placed your love inside me to break us both apart
With you I felt brand new, you opened up the sky
What need to punish me with a surgery of lies?
so it ends my friend and it ripped my mind apart
Sleep well my friend, a quiet's in my heart
In sound escape is found from carving out the day
my gift to you my tears that gave me away
You told me all the things you know
You stained my sub terrain
I want to hear
why i feel shamed
What kind of friend i believed
What kind of friend believes
I miss the holy bliss of sun across our bed
all my plans seem foolish now instead
my passion your skin, breath and body
supreme in depth
sensitive to your need
a solid man in deed
Ron Septimus copyright 2010

Written June 17, 2010, 11:00 pm
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