you who
by aaaaaaa

you who never saw him
who never saw the man inside his shell
compartmentalized him in a box
who never had the time to look deeper
into the connection intense
you who never heard a word he said
to laugh and love only in bed
you who asked are we more than this
his caress and love you now miss
a glance upon a star you feel his love
somehow through the air you feel his essence
when you are alone and still
eyes that made contact
mysterious spiritual immense whole and true
insatiable desire and in belief
admiration and gratitude he has for you
all your days through
you who touched him to his soul
and he cried for you
sincere to assist anyway anyhow
till the end
all that was needed was his friend
you who never wanted him part of
your beautiful you where more was all too much
you who are a haunting memory of love
in his heart so big his lovely touch
you who if he still lives
need him now as never before
you who needs the strength to reach out
close your eyes and belong
wish and be strong
how can something that fits so right be wrong
no accidents in the grand plan
you who knew that spark was true
you who loved him too
you who knows
he now travels alone
he will miss you forever
and your kiss

Written June 29, 2010, 4:47 pm
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