An Explaination
by Jonathon Seagull

you know what?
don't come back here
everything I've written here was meant
for someone completely fuckin else
either you are confused or you are a coward
god how nice and patient i was with you
adored every second with you
a year and a half we enjoyed each other
you got off on my dillusion didn't you
you saw and felt how we were together
was i not supposed to be heartbroken?
is sex really all that simple for you
while i called it love and sacred
or what was our deep connection?
so i am sitting here
thinking about all the words said
and how obvious little you care about
what I think and how you never explained
how you could cuddle in my arms so naturally
for a fuckin year and a half
i believed we had a great time
whats your story princess?
guess i wasn't "powerfull" enough for you
you and your shallow friend
i felt i was so close to getting to know
the real you
you see I have never felt for a woman before
like i fell for you
fourteen years apart yet to me it felt perfect
like it didn't matter we fit nice
in the end it all comes down to what we value
you told me everything
you thought i wanted to hear
just to keep me waiting there
to secure your shaky fear
willing to "walk beside you"
but you find when someone loves and cares for you
he becomes weak and needy?
so hear is the end of your music man
your poor simple human lover
you hurt me
worse is I hurt me
maybe I don't get it
maybe i get the whole thing wrong
seemed like there were more green lights than red
so I played along
sometimes I think I was very lucky
to have experienced what I felt
to give my heart to someone I thought
so wonderous
I'm a great lover ain't I?
so glad you enjoyed it so
and maybe you'll give me a call one day and explain
why you treated me so cruel
maybe one day you find me worthy of friendship
"Come Get Me"

Written April 13, 2011, 2:07 am
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