To Forget You
by Ron Septimus

I'm beginning to forget you
and time passes on
starting to sleep through the night
i'm not missing you till dawn
the heartless words you said
left my soul in misery
starting to forget you
like you forgot me
i'm begining to smile again
after being sad and lonely for so long
i hear the tune we loved together
it's just another song
cause i know i treated you right
I'm happy it's over baby
you know i'll do much better
she'll deserve my kisses
as i hold her through the night
I'm glad it's over
it's sad that you agree
the truth you had with me
you leave behind what was precious
i'm glad that it's over
i'm glad to be free
starting to forget you
just like you forgot me

Written May 6, 2011, 10:53 am
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