by aubrie

I can't decide, so why not jump away
and fly, fly my one winged angel
your eyes are saying no, but I insist
you don't know you can fly, even wihtout me
every duet eventually turns solo, so go
as you step away, you reach back
for my hand which has already found
its place shoved in my back pocket
your expression brings tears to my eyes
but just try to fly, you owe it to yourself
everyone falls or dies sometime
don't be scared, just go quickly
now you are only dragging this out
stop procrastinating, fly just an attempt
I hear the violins singing far away
or are they screeching, I can't tell
that's not important, broken angel
you are so sweet and innocent
no time like now, a moment of the present
your feet are unsure, but thats natural
and your knees are giving in, no
you must, you have to just go!

Written April 26, 2001, 2:34 am
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