by broken glass

you can look away
but you can't not lie
you felt the love i had for you
when you looked into my eyes
it's not my mistake
and i often wonder how i did you wrong
to you it's a sign of weakness not soul
when a man writes a love song
we're letting go
letting go and so
and so we go
back to strangers
and what did you know
and the hardest part
is that i will miss you
god knows i wish you well
i may be misunderstanding nature
if you every really loved me
only time will tell
and as we walk away
and leave us behind
i hope we'll be satisfied
with the life we find
and if it's not all you want
may it be good enough
to make it worth
the precious things
that we've givin up
sometimes when i'm alone at night
i have to believe what i hear
a small voice whispers to me close into my ear
it says there is a time for stillness
a time for the soul
a time for holding on
a time to let go
and the toughest thing is that i miss you
the toughest thing i've known
we were great friends for awhile
but back to strangers
we go

Written September 8, 2011, 11:07 pm
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