Disposable People
by so shallow

disposable people
go ahead sit back and laugh
use them while you can
they own no hearts
they own no souls
only you matter
you and your selfish games
you and your petty thoughts
you and your bloody money
security you will never know
loveless and shallow
you are a creature of the night
you are heartless and foolish
and one day you will suffer
as you see all around
the people you trust as friends
will all let you down
because they are as shallow as you
disposable people
people with tender hearts
you have hurt a man that loved you
he loved you for you
you and your perfect flaws
he was yours
he loved you sweetly
he kissed your face
tenderly called your name
made you feel like a real woman
took you in and cared for you
all he wanted was to be your friend
take care of you
see you smile for all his days
but he was insignificant disposable
you moved him and touched his heart
the most precious of all things in this life
and you drove the knife into his soul
he was disposable
its people like you who
make this world as it is
i feel sorry for you and your black cold heart
what goes around comes around
i am so sorry wish i could have helped
wish i could have saved you
wish i could have shown you
what a blessing you found
the dry desert awaits you
within my pain dies your lover your friend
do you know do you laugh
people like me are disposable

Written September 30, 2011, 4:52 pm
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