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#osp #poetry: never thought by time ahead
never thought
by time ahead

i never knew i could love someone as much
i never knew i could be so hurt
i never knew my heart so big could be made so small
i never knew a soul so dark
i never knew i could be so decieved
i never knew such people existed
love was once something i believed
i never knew i was so innocent or so true
i never knew i could be wrong
i never knew that after a year and a half
i never knew how shallow or cruel
i never knew people lacked such integrity
nor appreciate kindness and sincerity
i never knew that people use the people so kind
i never knew it could happen to me
and so it goes and i am broken laid low and alone
to find out the one i loved the most
manipulated me till the very end
of this i have no doubt
when i think of you as a step dad to my children
it makes me sick
i feel that i have to call you in the morning
call you at night
call you when i travel

Written October 3, 2011, 9:31 am
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