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#osp #poetry: So What Do I Think? by Ron Septimus
So What Do I Think?
by Ron Septimus

i don't think you really care at all
never really did
those kind eyes
you crushed me
close to two years
was i not so good to you
did i show i cared?
so what do i think?
about how you communicate
what made you have the desire
to hurt someone you trusted
how will i remember you
i don't think you care
i forgave you so many times
those sweet lips and beautiful heart
i can't beleive it could be true
could this really be you?
if it was a couple of months so what right?
almost two years
friends? fuck buddies? love?
what do i think?
am i bewildered and confused
use me, test me what did you choose
did you have it all planned
you had nothing to lose
and i just wanted to help
so what do i think?
i look at all these lines of love
a movie a dinner a simple walk on the beach
so you called to say good-bye
you met someone your interested in
and you know me all too well
seems i'm not worthy of friendship
your deep connection seems pretty shallow
so you know what i think?
i think i'll miss you
like someone stole all my left shoes
and I hope you get to keep all your things
and who thinks just like you
find a powerfull man who is above average
and you know what you were right
we are too different
and I am so glad
to see the difference
you know what i think?
well now you know
that you changed the way i look at life
in a very big way
the song is over
your welcome
it was always unattainable
you just needed to say so

Written October 11, 2011, 1:28 am
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