by Dawn Locicero

She gows inside me i hope for more than what i have to offer for her any other life i am not deserving of such a blessing what am i to do
inside i dougt myself my hope for stregth 4 her more than 4 myself i prey 4 god to make it better and know he is the only who can
in this life is fate pre destined in gods eyes b4 we ever live it or understand
in gods eyes am i supose to do this alone or am i to fail yet again
Silent apprihention fills the space between you and me
she fills the space you left voided within me
above the aftermath
above it all i thank the heavens for a chance to do this even if its without u
Should I give up because I loved you and you never could
Should I give up after all the pain that I have endured just to be her mother because you have
do I just give up on you cause i know i should. MY HEART IS HEAVY WITH THE PAIN OF KNOWING FOR HER I WOULD
But the hardest part of it all
is seeing what i already know... where you are going
and knowing you see it too but your too fuct up to care

Written December 17, 2011, 12:14 pm
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