"You Don´t Know Who I am or What I Do"
by Ron Septimus

You were heasrtless about my feelings
You were mean cruel and judgemental
I was your friend and you know
I cared so much for you
You might have found another way to part
but it was not in you
it was not in you to ever get to know me
"you are my safe place"
because you knew just how much you meant
being that we didn't ever hold one single intelligent conversation
Should I feel bad that I was a poor judge of charactor
being like we had never enjoyed each others company
for just near 2 and a half years
I know you don't care
you need not come back here
there is nothing left to say
this is exactly what I'm talking about
thanks for that little bit of heaven
the ending surely sucked!

Written April 9, 2012, 11:59 am
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