Sweet Loving Man
by Gratus Huser

“I would never intentionally hurt you. My Sweet Loving Man”
“My children will go to college”
“You believe in Spiritual things”
"Misguided" - Deceived! Used! Manipulated!
“My husband is the most powerful man I know”
“Next to my children I love you the best”
"Are you stalking me?"
“If I leave him do you promise to love me forever”?
“All my ex-boyfriends hate me”
“I am not a Lawyer”
“we have a deep connection”
“you are my soulmate”
“You don’t know who I am and what I do”
“Don’t fuck me, make love to me”
“Thump me” “Tickle my back”
“What is a penal colony”?
“Kinda Average”?
“When I think about you as the step father to my kids it makes me sick”
“You are my Safe Place”
“Your father is Needy”
“You believe in giants”
"We are too different"
“Fucking Kerry”!
“Game on”

Written June 3, 2012, 10:57 am
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