Pieces of You
by Ron Septimus

seven years of bad luck
ten years so long
was raised on the promise of love
left out in the cold
sitting here wondering
Thinking of you
send me something special
send me something special
send me someone
to hold onto
just another face
that left it's mark
just another face
hidden in the dark
underneath the covers
it feel like you
but i can see the danger
wish i could change her
she's nothing but a stranger
with pieces of you
pieces of you
can i ever get closer
pieces of you
i'll move on to the next one
pieces of you
i know i'll have to tell her
that there's pieces of you
stuck here in my heart
it happens over
and over again
time to let her out
let her back in
it's all music and mystery to me
making all the right moves
to win and never lose
quiet down the dark side
believe it's love
trials and tribulations
i felt so long
nobody cares if it's right if it's wrong
you wake up in the sun
yes you had your fun
but it's a shame to borrow
it's a shame to use and borrow
a shame to borrow
and give back none
Ron Septimus Copy Right 2010

Written June 13, 2012, 11:47 pm
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