You flew a kite
by raj tiwari

You flew a kite
between what I am
and what I could be
between what you want
and what you should be
that life
you get it all together
and it gets destroyed
but who'll fix it all
certainly not you
change it all to find noone cares
or a unhearing ears & blinded eyes with which not to comprehend
for who are you to reject any notion of wanting
of slack-jawed gazes
but more than wishing
against the soft bristled currents
of a morning in sleepless December
Don't come to my party, you evil one
phone and unreason
that i would take care of you
that cared none for me it was all you
that you'd explain yourself
both dirty, both mean, yes, and the dream was just the same.

Written February 18, 2015, 2:12 pm
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