Just between me and you
by xine

At midnight when the fish are blue, lets steel the sheets
escape into a different tomorrow, the day after whenever
you're thinking, when everything is gone or different, especially you
The trees look different today, like they can't wait to get out of here
bloodthirsty, ravenous, crows come flapping, cleaning up
acorns fallen, all the seeds fallen and waiting, eaten and fallen
between cracks in the cement. imagine if you will
your backyard: what would it be like after five years alone?
the vines poke tender pink tendrils into the faintest of cracks
goji berries defy the zone and climb 20 feet to sun
over the house covered in arrowhead morning glories and chocolate mint
the red berries of deadly nightshade, blueberries, strawberries
After 50 years the structures misshapen green dwarves sleeping
beside rocks mossy green and wild tomatoes, sunflowers
finches galore, every color, spiders that eat them, eyes
everywhere, eyes like spies, hairy beasts, tease about jumping
After 500 years I hope some trees have broken the boundaries
our atmosphere reached up and out of--then you'll see a tree
in action, a tree doing what trees do when they are free
The vines will climb everything, become sentient, worship the sun
Top vine rides the sky like a mad surfer upon the skulls of everyone
in his mind, in his mind, in his mind
After 5,000 years, only stone pillars become Greek ruins
We become a mosquito jungle with dandelions the size of drums
reaching up and up and up through the viney lattice atmosphere
into a place where I can breath and do good work
We could cross the ocean and find out what happens there
Just between me and you, we could leave tomorrow

Written September 5, 2015, 9:49 am
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