Disregarding the Flow
by William Sandborn

spamming his head he cheated
as eyes burrowed in around him
over and over he remained unseated
blind to the fury that found him
through will unbroken he doth rest
on the timeless scant of what remains
time and again the ruthless note
the effects of ill gotten gain
the days of effortless shame
the mind unaccounted will often roam
though never finding its home
into the abyss he regresses to go
carrying nothing for the ebb
and disregarding the flow
through decades of decadence
never fearing or caring to show
a single care or kindness inside
for after all in that house he resides
spamming his head he cheated
to sit in that house for such a short time
and disregarding the flow

Written August 28, 2018, 2:11 pm
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