Conway Twitty and The Window Ledge
by anonymous

Conway Twitty was playing on the radio
I sat and read of things above my knowledge
I looked at pictures of my loving lady-o
and never considered that window ledge

A ledge that I never really thought about before
That ledge held history, stories, and names
I imagined the escapes, the lady mentioned afore
and all of those who here have played games

Who knows what lovers, here, shared midnight kisses
as over-protective father slept the room over
Or what adulter snuck in, avoiding the misses
trying not to wake her or his dog, Rover

A screenless window, simple and absolutely bare
Inspires the imagination beyond dreaming visions
Inspires me more than any drug or lady fair
So off I go, distraction primary in my thought collisions

Written May 23, 2001, 9:42 pm
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