by ACA

To whom it may concern
depends on the matter discerned
and this is no lie
there needs to be one
on whose shoulder I cry

Every day something tragic
on this very small world
I am deeply ashamed
on your feet I had hurled

Piece of shit
Paper felt that impression before
My eyes are degenerate
A mind of a whore

Yes, so shameful
That is now I
and even on you
I can no longer cry

Peaceful, soft loving air
Eyes of innocence, and gorgeous brown hair
An undamaged mind, a spirit long
a normal face, and a body thats strong

I couldn't wish for one other thing
except to be ruler, in a kingdom of kings
this would be something I would want to be
I would not be alone, obviously

Contradictions, of what I want
In everything I do
in a moment I'll explain
and you will understand too...

Written July 25, 2001, 5:01 pm
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