Fake Plastic Faces
by Chris Farrell

There’s so much truth
Behind the plastic doll
That was once so true
To what me and you see
They say that she was once
What they wanted to be
But now she’s a whisper in their ear
There’s so much pain
Behind the mask
That she puts on for everybody
But now that it’s gone
She has no one to turn to
And as she wonders through it all
She falls into the cracks and now she’s gone
She had 1/5 the life she wanted
And then down she went
She had 1/5 the life she told
And then down she went
She lived the way you wanted
And now she’s down there
Her heroin infected veins
Is what you didn’t hear
She screamed out in silence
But no one listened
And no once cared because
All they wanted to see
Was her fake plastic face
And eyes from heaven
Her mom was beat
And her dad on crack
but she got pleasure
From getting the attention
And even though this was covered
Covered with signs of pain
No one paid much attention
So she went on
Until she disappeared in the sand
That was once between our feet

Written December 29, 2001, 12:30 am
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