An old man
by Lara La Bryer

find your sight son
Gaze into this well
tell me what you see
I promise never to change it
never forget this moment
I love you so much
A tired old man spends his day
wide eyed and hopeful
saying goodbye to his product
eyes full of insight and curiosity
yet his own filled with doubt
a sad thought
The light dissapears and the sun sets
but not this time
little did you know...
or little did you care or even anticipate it
this outcome
You chose to be such a waste, but it didn't effect him
Now gazes into a dream of a man
This outcome is far more thanb you'd hoped for
holding more of the world than you'd undertand
his whole existance passed you by.
gazing into thoughts
a grown man
tiny voice grew deep and powerful
tiny bony arms now muscular and thick
eyes looking right passed you
right threw you as you were never here
yet your own sorrowful; and wasted
not our fault not our tears
not our fault, not our tears

Written May 2, 2002, 9:58 pm
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