actions refected from bullshit
by dawn locicero

whisper me your thoughtless phrases
of how fucked up this world is when plastic inividuals breath our air
What did I have
that whas so fucking genuine
With your smile I see now
you did not care.
I've held my breath
too many times only to be disappointed in the end
putting the d before the g
do i have to spell it out ya dog
Whatever the reason,
this is no lie
your just as fuckin fake as the rest
and your words reflect this
while your actions showed me how much you need to be high
beyond tongue twisted mind and young pretty face
was it mine
that you wanted that night
but it doesnt matter how i went it
was just another fucking mistake i had to make in trusting your osp_words so untrue
believe me i paid dearly and so will you

Written May 20, 2002, 4:21 pm
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