true love
touched by eternity
with unending contemplating
for the very first time
I cannot describe the way you make me feel,
I just hope to be more than another face in the crowd
I want nothing to remain hiding my truths
And its because of your presence
i have come to realize i 've always deserved better than was offered to me
how can i not see whats to come how come i feel so blind
a healing glow coming from within
you i find, within me hoping you see & feel me too
A cloud of pain hangs over your head.
Men know women go through different phases,
but I don't think they know specifically, the stages.
I'm not talking about mood swings or p.m.s.,
this has nothing to do with grouchiness.
I'm talking about how her heart changes her desires,
friendly wreckage strewn about it seemed as accidental & unintentional it may have been but never the less she still is fucking you up
If you did something wrong
then it's you who will know where blame lies
Show me that you want me
Donít try to blind yourself
or me
to phrase it simply...
lets get to know eachother and be happy with the knowlege we've both attained from severe blows to the heart but not dwell on who taught us these harsh lessons
when the words mean nothing and the actions nevertheless bring a calm and unknown feeling that sooths my soul
Maybe i will even understand

Written May 26, 2003, 9:35 am
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