by anonymous

just now muscular body and touch you?
Sinister destiny is love her spinach
which, like trapped like to win this tragedy
embrace the bugs can not heaven we won´t quit
shoulders in life time tyme is worth trusting.
you´re seeing no regret the fervor of your neck
thought of me ´someone loves a mc donald´s bathroom
though my soul to meet again gazing into my
Hey there
I just want to see you again so soon...
just from desire and utter happiness
I see the magic in our smile and touch
and wanting to hold each other so close yet
so far away
Is this desire?
or of hidden meanings i am not aware;
not our fault, not our tears
Trying not to reminisce
Trying not to reminisce
the days we left behind,
because you create a beautiful feeling inside me.
I never knew was there before
in the slow of the day,and the heat of the night
Every time I see you
an unstoppable force unleashed
upon the unsuspecting minions of good
where do they think they are

Written October 23, 2003, 4:01 pm
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