Alive Again
by Lara La Bryer

Only a few mornings ago I lost it all
And now, you are all I can see
the only thing I can keep to my mind
the only thing worth existing
How could something full of flaws
appear so perfect to me?
Wiating so long for the touch of warmth
To caress my skin again
to comfort my wonds and heal my tears
allowing me to await the new arrival of pain
dreading the nights when you wont need me anymore
I capture these moments and make them my life
Not to remember the life I've just left behind
The lives that I will never find again
And they each had their moment, where they held so much joy
Until my joy was gone
In only a few nights I will loose my life again
And joy will be nowhere in sight
the love
The pain depressed
and all worth existing
could somehow appear
so perfect to me.

Written December 11, 2003, 5:03 pm
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