by dawn locicero

broken hearted
He wiped away the tears from her eyes,
Tell me different,
i wanted this so baddly i gave you my better judgment and left myself with a sado masicistic delussional mind set ... ill follow you 2 the moon if youll have me your side
....or at your feet but there i will still be at you side for i am broken by hopeless devotion to this thing who claimes to be a man with a soul and a heart and with feeling so he claims never have i seen hom sobb uncontrolably not for me or my son
who will eventually cry for a father that has flown the coop or nest or home made of lies this makes no sense.... now it makes no sense...I t really was suppose to wrk out alot better alot better in theory what does it matter now
its whats the matter that we have been left with
ahhhh!....Heart break dissappointments
Some love doesn't last foever, but ours will forever be imbedded into my heart branded into my soul and lingering with in my head of things you possess that were mine when i was whole
you wherright about that wholke expectation thing ... god that stings
as the line goes if you love someone set them free
and if they don't come back they were never yours to begin with.
i always knew you would fdo this i knew deep inside i just tried to fix you i tried so hard to fix you i broke me
the only person i ever try for
i tried for 2 hard & he knows im not 2 strong
but i love you
pathetic isn't it

Written April 1, 2005, 4:04 am
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