Our Set
by nuratechk

sorry we can't be more like friends
and we are all amateur pornographers
Drawn on the foreheads
not our fault, not our tears
It isn't right
But what is, really?
You're still all alone
Will you trust again
not likely not like i trusted you
never ever again
And there, amid sluggish joy of our drink dinner
And they're shooting without giving us a warning
So we move against each other
And think of the bills
"Forget it," I say
Pick up the camera and throw it at the naked floor
With its huge expanding lense
What are they compensating for?
The lense breaks into a thousand pearls
There's a hole now
It's just a hole
"I can't shoot with transgendered equipment!"
Says the hunchbacked camera-man
And I say it's my movie now
And I shoot.

Written February 23, 2006, 2:48 pm
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